PDSF À partir de
55 905 $*

Passport 2023 Touring Traction Intégrale neufs à Mont-Laurier

* La valeur à partir de inclut les rabais, le transport, le PDI et les frais, et n'inclut pas les taxes applicables, l'immatriculation et le permis de conduire. Les photos sont fournies à titre d'illustration seulement et peuvent ne pas refléter le véhicule exact qui vous intéresse (y compris la couleur du véhicule, la garniture, les options ou d'autres spécifications). Les données techniques et les prix sont fournis par un tiers et nous ne pouvons en garantir l'exactitude.
3.5 L
Moteur V6
280 CH
et un couple de 262 lb-pi
JUSQU'À 9.8 L/100 km
sur la route
Type de moteur Moteur V6
Nombre de cylindres Moteur V6/en ligne
Puissance nette SAE, ch 280 à 6000 tr/min
Couple net SAE, lb-pi 262 à 4700 tr/min
Alimentation en carburant Injection directe d'essence
Carburant recommandé Carburant essence
Autoroute 9.8 L/100 km
Ville 12.5 L/100 km
Moteur V6 1922.85
Empattement (mm) 2816.86
Longueur hors tout (mm) 4820.92
Largeur hors tout (mm) (rétroviseurs inclus) 2115.82
Hauteur hors tout (mm) 1833.88
Voie (av./arr.) (mm) 1694.18/1694.18
Rayon de braquage hors roues (m) 11.79
Dégagement pour la tête (av./arr.) (mm) 1003.3/1016
Dégagement pour les jambes (av./arr.) (mm) 1038.86/1005.84
Dégagement pour les épaules (av./arr.) (mm) 1574.8/1572.26
Places 5

Ash Tray, cup-holder style - 54 $

Front seat passengers can enjoy the added convenience of an ashtray.

Cargo Bins - 195 $

These Cargo Bins are designed to be inserted into the wheel well behind the rear seats. 3 piece set.

Cargo Cover - 423 $

This Cargo Cover helps keep your valuables in the cargo area safely out of sight and out of the sun.

Cargo Net - 51 $

From groceries to parcels, this convenient Cargo Net helps keep items secure and easy to retrieve from the trunk.

Rear Seat Cover - 531 $

These Rear Seat Covers offer stylish protection that will help keep your original seats in primo condition. Covers entire 2nd-row and headrests. Made with durable, water-resistant wetsuit-like material. Machine washable.

Cargo Organizer, Soft - 142 $

The Soft Cargo Organizer offers a more rigid way to store your items in the back section of your Honda. The dividers and partition of the cargo organizer keep items separate and secure.

Door Sill Protection Film - 110 $

The Door Sill Protection Film helps provide the lower door lining with protection from scuffing. Black thermoformed PVC with silver screen printing.

Cargo Tray - 192 $

This durable Cargo Tray helps prevent dirt, water and moisture from ruining the carpeting in the back of your Honda.

Seat Back Protector - 235 $

The Seat Back Protector protects the back of the seat when it's folded down to load longer items. Made of high-quality molded plastic for maximum durability. Cleans easily with mild soap and water. Textured surface helps to prevent items from shifting and sliding.

Cargo Side Lining Protector - 235 $

The Cargo Side Panel Protectors safeguard the sides of your original cargo area, while still allowing the seats to be independently positioned. Made of high-quality molded thermoplastic for maximum durability. Cleans easily with mild soap and water.

All-Season Floor Mats - High Wall - 331 $

With all the places you'll be travelling, these durable high wall All Season Floor Mats help protect your interior from muddy, wet shoes and more.

Illuminated Door Sill Trim - 269 $

A finishing touch that is subtle, tasteful, and definitely upscale, the Illuminated Door Sill Trim dresses up the interior while helping protect the lower door sill from scuff marks. LED lights illuminate the Passport logo when the door is open. Made of durable, polished stainless steel.

Trailer Hitch - 804 $

Rating: Class III. Receiver Opening: 2-in x 2-in. Trailer Hitch Ball, Ball Mount, and Locking Pin sold separately.

Trailer Hitch Ball Mount - 69 $

Roof Rack, Crossbars - 344 $

If you always run out of room when packing for a trip, Crossbars will make you an expert loadmaster. Desined to fit with Roof Rails. 165lbs maximum load capacity.

Roof Box - Long - 1 326 $

Keep your golf clubs, snowboards, skis, and other gear protected and out of the elements in the Midsize Roof Box. Impact and UV-resistant. 16 cu.ft. of lockable storage space - length 74 in, width 36 in, height 16.5 in. 110lbs max load capacity. Dual-side opening for easy access. Requires Roof Rack Crossbars.

Front Grille - 589 $

The Front Grille is all about attitude and aesthetics, adding an aggressive style to your Passport.

Optimate 12V Auto Battery Charger/Maintainer - 133 $

Extended battery life by charging/maintaining a Honda battery to ideal charge levels.

Engine Block Heater - 296 $

The engine block heater makes for easier starts during the cold winter months.

Moonroof Visor - 289 $

This tinted acrylic Moonroof Wind Deflector helps reduce glare by providing a sunscreen effect and, when it's open, minimizes wind noise.

Emblem, Gloss Black - AWD - 87 $

The bold feature of the Gloss Black Emblems not only completes your Passport’s original unique exterior style, but also accentuates it.

Emblem, Gloss Black - H-Mark & Passport - 286 $

The bold feature of the Gloss Black Emblems not only completes your Passport’s original unique exterior style, but also accentuates it.

Emblem, Gloss Black - Sport - 99 $

The bold feature of the Gloss Black Emblems not only completes your Passport’s original unique exterior style, but also accentuates it.

Trailer Hitch Harness - 439 $

Ski/Snowboard Attachment - 596 $

The handy Ski/Snowboard Attachment keeps your skis and snowboards outside so your interior stays clean and dry.

Roof Rack Box, Short - 1 226 $

You can always use more storage space on a road trip, and the Short Roof Box provides just that. 13 cu. ft. of lockable storage space - length 65in, width 34.5 in, height 16in. 110lbs max load capacity. Dual-side opening for easy access. Requires Roof Rack Crossbars.

Kayak Attachment - 675 $

Handle kayaks up to 36 in wide and weighing up to 75 lbs. Easy loading with the pivoting, felt-lined rear saddles that help glide and center your kayak. Two independent pivoting saddles conform to a limitless range of hull shapes. Requires Roof Rack Crossbars.

Surf/Paddle Board Attachment - 323 $

The telescoping design allows a custom fit for boards up to 34 in wide. Handles two boards with maximum stability. Soft, weather-resistant padding and strong, durable load straps with adjustable padding protect boards from strap abrasion. Requires Roof Rack Crossbars.

Roof Rack, Forkmount Bike Attachment - 496 $

The Fork Mount Bike Attachment features a same-side adjustment dial that provides fast loading and maximum security for your bike. Two bike attachments can be added to the crossbars. Requires Roof Rack Crossbars.

Trailer Hitch Locking Pin - 70 $

For added security.

Running Board, Die Cast - 1 363 $

Made of durable, die-cast aluminum, this runnning board adds a rugged, aggressive look to the Passport. Step features a non-slip coating for safe entry and exit.

Running Board - Chrome - 303 $

Premium Running Boards for increased side splash protection and an aggressive look.

Running Board - Chrome with Puddle Light - 439 $

A custom feature that adds convenience, Runnning Boards with Puddle Light provide both eye appeal and better visibility when entering and exiting your Passport. Lights turn on and fade out when a door is opened/closed or when the doors are unlocked/locked with the keyless transmitter.

Running Board, Black - 1 013 $

The Black Running Boards give your Passport a super-aggressive look while increasing side splash protection. The main structure is lightweight extruded aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance.

Running Board, Black with Puddle Light - 1 156 $

A custom feature that adds convenience, the Black Running Boards with Lights provide both eye appeal and better visibility when entering and exiting your Passport.

Body Side Molding - 376 $

Designed for perfect fit and finish, this Body Side Moulding complements the sleek contours of your vehicle and helps to protect its doors from minor dents.

Paint Pens - 17 $

Matched to your original paint colour, keep the Touch-Up Paint Pen on hand to conveniently cover minor scratches should they occur.

Roof Basket - 892 $

The Honda logo appears on front of the low-profile Roof Basket, which holds up to 150 lbs. Its tapered side walls make loading easier and wind fairing directs airflow over your cargo.

Door Edge Film - 138 $

Help protect against unsightly nicks and scrapes around your door edges with Door Edge Film. The transparent urethane film helps protect without being seen.

Door Handle Film - 81 $

Transparent, urethane film in the well of the door handle helps safeguard the paint finish from unsightly scratches from nails, jewelry, and keys.

Hood Protector, Low Profile - 336 $

This stylish Hood Protector helps protect the finish of Passport from small stones and flying insects.

Door Edge Guards - 240 $

The addition of these color matched Door Edge Guards will help protect your vehicle's doors.

Rear Bumper Applique - 128 $

Provides extra protection when loading and unloading the trunk. Constructed of clear protective film

Trailer Hitch Ball - 1-7/8" - 41 $

Trailer Hitch Ball - 2" - 41 $

Roof Rack, Bike Attachment - 537 $

The bicycle attachment allows you to transport your bicycle without having to take it apart. Requires Roof Rack Crossbars - Bicyle not included.

Tent - 621 $

A creative way to turn your Honda into a durable camping system. 10 ft by 10 ft, sleeps 6 people. 6 ft by 6 ft rainfly extends usable area and provides added protection for the entire roof. Full access to vehicle while inside tent.

Door Visor - Black - 329 $

The Door Visor help to protect you and your passengers from sun glare and minimizes outside noise when the windows are partially open.

Puddle Light, Rear - 337 $

When the vehicle is unlocked, white LED Puddle Lights illuminate the ground for added visibility.

Welcome Light - Side - 346 $

When the vehicle is unlocked, white LED Puddle Lights illuminate the ground for added visibility.

Wheel Locks - Chrome - 161 $

Help protect the wheels and tires against theft.

Wheel Locks - Black - 148 $

Help protect the wheels and tires against theft.

Fender Flares - 984 $

The Frender Flares gives your Passport an added rugged look, while helping to protect it from road debris.

Cold Weather Package - 415 $

Includes Engine Block Heater & Auto Battery Charger/Maintainer.

Protection Package - 523 $

Combines the All Season Floor Mats and Cargo Tray into one convenient package.

Protection Package - Advance - 995 $

Combines the All Season Floor Mats, Cargo Tray, Cargo Side Lining Protector and Seat Back Protector into one convenient package.

Tow Package, 3500 lbs - 1 360 $

Includes: Trailer Hitch, Harness, Ballmount, Locking Pin and Hitch Ball.

Tow Package, 5000 lbs - 2 624 $

Includes: Trailer Hitch, Harness, Ballmount, Locking Pin, Hitch Ball. ATF Cooler required to tow over 3,500 Lbs.

Utility Package - 2 724 $

Includes: Roof Rack Crossbars, Fender Flares and Running Boards Die Cast



Cette génération de Passport perfectionne la conduite des générations précédentes sans compromettre son âme : une conduite inspirée et emballante.

Honda Passport 2023


Lorsque vous achetez un véhicule Honda Passport 2023, vous pouvez profiter d'un style distinctif, d'une dynamique de conduite performante et de dispositifs de sécurité avancés sans oublier qu'ils regorgent de fonctionnalités technologiques et de connectivité.

Honda Passport 2023


Le Honda Passport est connu pour ses caractéristiques impressionnantes, son design épuré et ses excellentes performances. Avec les nouveaux véhicules Honda disponibles chez notre concessionnaire, vous retrouverez certaines des dernières technologies à bord. Elles vous rendront fier de posséder un Honda 2023.

Honda Passport 2023


La popularité grandissante des véhicules Honda au cours des dernières années et la réputation d'offrir d'excellents véhicules à un prix abordable ne sont que quelques-unes des raisons de choisir un Honda 2023. Avec un intérieur au goût du jour et une interface technologique offrant une expérience simple et efficace, confort et connectivité sont au rendez-vous!

Honda Passport 2023
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Chez Honda, nous sommes fiers de notre engagement envers la qualité.
C’est pourquoi chaque véhicule neuf est assorti de notre garantie.









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